Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My birthday was a few months ago and I wanted to make some pink vanilla cupcakes.  This was largely because I had recently purchased not only pink cupcake wrappers, but a tub of pink sparkly sprinkles.  I used this Magnolia Cupcakes recipe.  I didn't have any self-rising flour, so I used only all-purpose... 
Overall, this recipe was really easy to make.  The biggest issue I seem to encounter with cupcakes is making the the same size!  I can never seem to put the same amount of batter into all the cups.
I tried using a small ice cream scoop for these, but it still didn't pour evenly!  They didn't look too bad once they baked though... although there are pretty big size differences in some!  I figured they were fixable with frosting...
While the cakes were cooling, I mixed up the Magnolia buttercream frosting from the recipe posted above.  I used a few drops of red food coloring to get the right shade of pink.
Then I prepared all my sprinkles - I also used some Betty Crocker "cupcake gems" to embellish the tops of the cupcakes.  I found these at Stop & Shop a few months back and had been really excited to use them!
And voila!  Birthday cupcakes fit for a twenty-five year old.  These were really fun to make, and they an excellent accompaniment to a glass of Prosecco ;)   However, the cake was definitely dry, which was more or less offset by the frosting but something I'd like to avoid next time.  I'm not sure if this was because I used all-purpose instead of self-rising flour, or if my ratios were a bit off, but I'll have to experiment with this next time I use this recipe!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Picture I've had a few bags of Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet chips sitting in my cupboard for awhile now and decided to make some simple chocolate chip cookies.  I love baking cupcakes and 'fancier' treats, but sometimes nothing beats some old-fashioned cookies (or the raw cookie dough!!). 

I've been trying to find a good recipe for awhile.  My mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies, but she knows her recipe by heart at this point.  I tried the recipe in Martha Stewart Cookies, but they came out greasy - I'm sure that was my fault, not Martha's.  So this time I tried the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip back - it can be found here.  And they came out great!

I only baked mine for about 7-8 minutes, and they came out just right.  That may have just been my oven, though.  Also, I used about twice the number of chocolate chips the recipe called for - so while the cookies were delicious, they were very gooey and messy!

Here are a few pictures - from now on, I envision the posts being more illustrated as they go, but I'm still figuring out this blogging thing!  Feel free to comment on YOUR favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes :)Picture
I took the cookies in to work the next day - and they went over VERY well with my co-workers.  The only negative feedback I received was from my friend Larry - who pronounced them "too cakey, with too little chips."  But I'm gonna go with the majority on this one ;) 

Hi there!

Hi there! I'm a 25 year old marketing professional in Boston. I've always had a sweet tooth and in the past few years, I've taken up baking as a hobby.
My baking addiction initially started with a pink-frosted cupcake on a visit to Buttercup Bake Shop in New York City - to this day, the best vanilla cupcake I've ever had!
However, I've started to expand into baking other, non-cupcake treats as well - like cookies, muffins, scones and even (gasp!) full-size cakes!

I decided to start this blog to chronicle my successes (and failures - trust me, there are many!) as I learn my way around the kitchen.

Do you have questions, suggestions or want to get in touch? Leave a comment or email me!

Thanks, and happy baking :)