Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcake Camp

Last week I attended Cupcake Camp  - it was held at the Somerville Armory.  You can learn more about it here.  I first heard of Cupcake Camp a few years ago on Cupcakes Take The Cake, and I missed last year’s in Boston so I was really excited when I saw on Twitter that it was going to be held in Boston again this year!  I made my Thin Mint Cupcakes again, and did a mix of mini and regular size.  Big thanks to my friend Whitney for helping me bake/decorate the cupcakes AND set up at Cupcake Camp!
A little blurry - oops :)

Yum :)  Did I say THANK YOU to Whitney for helping decorate?!

King Arthur Flour was a sponsor and had a special booth set up with demonstrations – I can’t wait to try these mint chip ice cream cone cupcakes!
All the decorations are fondant!

Next time, I would probably make all minis – most people (myself included!) seemed drawn to the minis – more cupcakes, less stomachaches!  Plus then more people could try them – I ended up cutting the ‘regular’ size cupcakes into quarters anyway.
Another thanks to Whitney for this nifty sign ;)

I would also make more cupcakes!  Mine were gone within a half hour, sad L

Overall, this was a great time and it was wonderful to meet some fellow bakers and get some more cupcake ideas!  Some of the 'amateur' cupcakes were presented so well and tasted so good, I couldn't believe they weren't professionals.  I mostly tasted the 'amateur' cupcakes since I'd been to most of the bakeries that were there.  The sugar hangover the next day was well worth it.  I couldn't believe how packed it was, I left around 8:15 (the event went from 7-9) and the line was still around the block!

Below are some pictures I took while I was wandering around before the doors opened  – I tried to get the cupcake/baker’s names in the photos when I could, but feel free to let me know in the comments if you see yours here and want a call-out.  The lighting wasn’t the best at the Armory, so my apologies for some of the poor pictures!
These hamburger cupcakes were adorable!

I can't eat almonds so unfortunately couldn't try these, but I loved the frosting on them - so pretty!

These were fantastic - and presented so well!

These were gone before I could try one :(

I loved these adorable little honeybees

Whole Foods' Easter-themed cupcakes

Some of the amateur cupcakes were presented SO well, I couldn't believe they weren't professionals!


setting up the 'professionals' section

Beantown Baker's cookie dough cupcakes - one of my favorites of the night!

These girls were next to me - I loved these cupcakes!

The creamsicle cupcakes (2nd tier from the top) were to.die.for.

Loved this sweet cupcake bouquet - I think this was C-Cups?


These were from an amateur baker - how beautiful!

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